Kathleen Hallin

Stylist & Stager


Kathleen is a miracle change artist, while providing a high return on investment for our clients. She can transform any space into a home that sings to buyers: “honey I’m home, buy me”. Whether it be minimal preparation for resale by enhancing curb appeal and interior styling or completely furnishing and landscaping an entire home, Kathleen works fast and efficiently, with budget in mind at all times. Because she owns all of her staging furniture and accessories, you’ll benefit economically. Over the course of twenty years, Kathleen has honed her talent for staging and remodeling homes. She understands that expertly staging and preparing a property will increase the value of your home and return on investment and that you can't overstate the power of that "first impression". Check out the before and after photos at Khallindesign.com.  Kathleen is a native to Marin County with a degree in Interior Architecture from USF.